Property Types We Do Not Appraise

Property Types We Don’t Appraise
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Our goal is to help meet your need for a home appraisal whether we perform your home appraisla or we refer another Appraiser to help you.  To help you more quickly find the Appraiser to meet best your needs, we want to communicate what types of properties we don’t appraise:

1.) Vacant Lots, Vacant Land or Acreage

2.) Rural properties with over 2 acres of land 

3.) Complex properties with extraordinary issues or challenges

4.) Over Built and or Over Improved.
Homes in restricted subdivisions grossly over built or grossly over improved. For example, if the average home is 1,500 sq. ft. living area, and home needing appraised is 3,800 sq. ft., then I will probably pass on the assignment.  And, if owner has “invested” $100,000 more than the average home has in a subdivision, then I might pass on that assignment as well.

If you need an appraisal of any of these three types above, then we’re not the company that can help you.

WHY?  We purposely screen orders and choose to accept some orders, and we decline about 20 percent of orders we receive and or refer them out to other local Appraisers we trust.  The orders we decline are those we perceive will cause delays for our many mortgage lending clients.  Bill Cobb Appraiser 225-293-1500


In 2016 and now TRID consumer protection requirements, the mortgage market is ALL about speed, speed of delivery of Baton Rouge home appraisal reports to ensure home loans close on time.  About 15 years ago, Bill Cobb Appraiser made the decision to narrow the focus only to appraise easier assignments mostly in restricted subdivisions, which provide the fastest turn around times of reports, keeping mortgage lending clients happy.